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How to Avoid Pointless Workshops


Look at the time on your phone. It’s probably one of the most prominent things on your homescreen, the time. Watch it for a minute and then watch it change. The minute you just spent is gone. You spent it looking at a screen to watch the time change.

Now think about the things you know how to do. Some of these actions, like eating and drinking and breathing, are instinctual. Some of these actions, like using silverware and walking, are learned. Learning these actions took you time, time which is finite as your minute spent looking at a screen has demonstrated.

Being taught new things takes time. But time, again, is an extremely limited resource. So it’s best not to waste any of it being trained by people who don’t know what they’re doing.

Industry Experience

If you’re in the electrical industry, then you’re going to want the people teaching you and your people new things to have experience in the same industry. The fact of the matter is that you want these people to know what it is they’re talking about.

Industry experience means that they’ll have some level of competence when it comes to the subject matter. Experience may also help them establish a rapport with the trainees since people who like to think they know what they’re doing may not take kindly to being taught new things by someone they don’t feel knows what they’re doing.

But limited industry experience alone isn’t enough. Just because someone is a qualified electrical engineer doesn’t mean that they’re qualified and competent to train people. Maybe they worked as electrical engineers for a couple of years before finding more lucrative work in consulting or training.

It’s best to ensure that the specialist professional who is going to train you and/or your personnel don’t just have limited industry experience, make sure that they have plenty of it and a proven track record within the industry as well. Because if they don’t know about the industry, it’s highly unlikely they’ll be able to help you meet your training goals.

The Right Tools For the Job

If you want to dig a hole, you could technically use a spoon. You’ll either must be really persistent or you’ll have to settle for a small hole. Or, instead of using a spoon, you could use a shovel. You’ll dig a much bigger whole in a lot less time. Basically, if you use the right tool, you do not waste time.

By that same token, you want the person training you to have the right tools for the job. Not just experience within the industry, but also their materials should be relevant to your needs. There’ll be no point if you’re in a power plant and you need your people to learn how to operate new software and their courses are all about learning how to operate obsolete technology, something that’s not going to help you or your personnel.

So make sure that the workshops that you’re about to pay for are actually relevant to your needs and that they’re being conducted by people who know what they’re doing.

A Proven Track Record

It’s not enough that trainers know about the industry. They could be the best to have ever been in the industry but that doesn’t mean they know how to teach or how to train. Being good at one thing doesn’t mean been good at training on the topic.

So don’t let yourself be blinded by someone’s accolades and bluster. If you’re going to find workshops and courses for your organization, go with someone with a proven track record, not just in your industry, but also when it comes to training.

Basically, it’s not enough for them to be good at the industry, they also need to be competent at training people as well.

There are certain things you can’t waste time on. Improper training is one of them. Improper training can lead to compromised safety and operations. Not to mention that it is simply a waste of time that could be spent working on improving efficiency.

If you’re ready to find courses that hit the mark and aren’t going to waste your time, then contact Voltex Power & Plant Training today.