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About Power & Plant Training Brisbane

Power & Plant Training (PPT) is a Registered Training Organisation, specialising in development of the skills of persons in the Electrical Industry. We offer Nationally Accredited training courses in High Voltage Switching / High Voltage Isolation & Access (HVIA)  and Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas. We also provide practical courses in Project Management of Electrical projects and Safe Handling of SF6 Gas.

PPT’s Trainers are experienced engineers who have worked in the industry for many years. The experience and expertise they bring is vast, including major projects in Mining and Coal, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Water, Rail and Power.

PPT are committed to upskilling trainees with up to date and best practices for these industries, to deliver compliant work methods and procedures and to ensure safer working conditions and reliable installations, improve efficiency and reduce risks.

Our Trainers’ familiarity with major clients and projects in the industries in which you operate means that we communicate with you in your language and understand what is relevant to you when it comes to your training needs.

Your learning experience with Power & Plant Training will benefit from our familiarity with industry compliance requirements, legislative standards (AS, IEC, IEEE, ANSI and others), mining regulations, hazardous areas, and general Health Safety and Environment (HSE) issues.

The electrical industry today places demands on experience and understanding of plant and systems design as well as power equipment, earthing and software.

Inexperience can result in safety and compliance issues or performance concerns.

Alternatively, over-design driven by lack of confidence can lead to budget overruns.

PPT is here to assist you to be ready for, and to take advantage of, the opportunities your industry presents over the coming years. Our dedicated policy of small class sizes ensures that we are able to provide you with a very effective and personal training service.